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     Now, don't get me wrong, my pessimistic side tells me nothing will change.  The status quo of corrupt politicians will continue, self-perpetuating their own wealth, greed, and power; but, my optimistic side says give the new regime a chance.  They are promoting accountability, and perhaps restoring the help find missing children (persons) and help educate child abduction prevention National Laws, National Programs, National Campaigns, and Presidential Memorandums created and started during the 1980's and 90's, will be part of their accountability.  Over the past eight years these National, annually Federal funded, Laws, Programs, Campaigns, and Presidential Memorandums have been virtually discontinued or greatly altered so they are unable to reach their originally intended potential.  The language of the written instructions for managing the Laws, Programs, Campaigns, and Memorandums have been changed and watered down so much the original intent can no longer be accomplished.  Words such as "are required" have been changed to "at their option", "should" changed to "may", "will" changed to "if they choose".  KRISTEN'S LAW needs to be restored so the National Clearinghouse for Missing Adults is again functioning at the level it was originally intended, with funding available to build it's staff back to what it once was (and now upgraded and expanded).  Jennifer's law needs to have the language describing it's management restored to the original intent; so, every coroner in the country is "required" (not "at their option") to cross-reference all "JOHN OR JANE DOE'S" with the NCIC Missing Person Files; so, no unidentified bodies are buried without first determining if they are one of the well over 100,000 long term missing in this country.  The NALC/USPS CHILD ALERT PROGRAM needs to be fixed so it functions at the level of efficiency originally intended.  Again the watered down language change, of the written instructions for this National Program, started with the printing of the 10/26/06 MISSING CHILD POSTAL BULLETIN.  The Federal agencies responsible for managing this, and all the help find and prevent missing children (persons) Laws, Programs, Campaigns, and Presidential Memorandums, need to be held accountable for managing them at the level of efficiency they were originally intended.  Original intent, is vital for these help find and prevent missing persons (children) tools to function at the level of efficiency intended for them to reach their maximum potential.  For example, if the NALC/USPS CHILD ALERT PROGRAM, was fixed so it is managed and functions at it's intended efficiency, the already efficient Amber Alert would be greatly improved, and operate at an even greater level of efficiency.  Remember, large out-lays of Federal funding were doled out during the 1980's and 90's to do extensive studies, investigations, and research about the Missing Children (Persons) issues in this country and globally.  The result of these studies produced the creation and development of the National Laws, Programs, Campaigns, and Presidential Memorandums intended to maximize the potential for finding both short and long term missing persons (children) and for preventing missing children (persons), by education of child abduction prevention (the National,  BE SMART - KNOW THE RULES - CAMPAIGN).

     Barack Obama has offered all of us an open communication policy to the White House.  For those with computers go to:  WhiteHouse.gov    or you can send postal communications directly to the White House in Washington D.C.  I encourage everyone to contact the new President, congratulate and welcome him and his staff, and encourage them to restore all the help find and prevent missing persons (children) tools to their original intent; plus, upgrade and expand them.

Terry Parks                                                                                                                                                           (VOLUNTEER CEO/CFO/SPOKESPERSON FOR F.O.C.U.S.)