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    This page of our web site book is dedicated to the memory of Johnny Balko, who inspired so many of the ideas for help find & prevent missing children programs (making his wishes, dreams, and intent reality is now part of our mission).  Johnny would have approved of this web site, these are the type of improvements he wanted.  All future development of help find and prevent missing person programming is in tribute to and named as part of the "Johnny Balko Memorial Spirit of Generosity Program"

    F.O.C.U.S./"3-CHILDREN" Organization is a teaching aid for children.  They learn to know, what is involved with searching for a missing loved one.  Everything possible, everything that's suppose to be done, to search for, rescue, and hopefully "LOCATE" the missing child is being done.***
This is what the families who have a missing child are doing to find their child.  While at the same time they are helping other families with a missing child by including other missing person photo flyers with their own missing children's flyers.  We will never stop our search, missing children flyer recognition is the proven best source of finding a long time missing person; therefore, the volunteers of the F.O.C.U.S./"3-CHILDREN" charity continue their mission to establish a territory -which now includes eight western states - and maintain a missing persons display of photo ID Notices, updated on an annual basis, while maintaining a route style replacement system.  Volunteers of F.O.C.U.S. who travel from fair to fair, county to county, and help maintain an annual updated binder delivery system (we're working on other types of missing child flyer display methods - display menus with photo id flyers of missing children on each display card - 5"x7" -
placed in Dr. Office waiting rooms, restaurant tables, business counters, etc.).  Other projects include TV screens above gas station gas pumps with an ongoing slide show of missing children displayed while gas is being pumped, or a screen above bank teller stations, also in Post Offices on the walls above the clerks.  We've been doing this for sixteen years and still going.  Our Mobile Awareness Center (the MAC SHACK0 is scheduled for large attendance events for years coming.  The search for missing children is ongoing, and a lot of volunteers have insured our mission will be continued in perpetuity, forever.  Anyone interested in becoming a FOCUS volunteer, at any level - from making copies of a missing person flyer you see, and posting them (always return the flyer you make the copies from to where you found it.  That's how the "3-Children" Organization volunteers now have copies of the most recent copies of the NALC/USPS CHILD ALERT PROGRAM POSTAL
BULLETINS.  When we find the most recent printings in the eight out of 2,500 Post Offices that actually display the notices as directed and intended, we borrow the notices for enough time to make copies of them then return them to where we found them in the Post Office (we've requested that the NCMEC or the USPS provide us with the quarterly printed missing child notices; but, they've never responded to our requests.  We can also help anyone interested in becoming one of our territorial MAC SHACK vendors, who travel from fair to fair, county to county, setting up the booth at the fairs and remaining with the booth for the duration of the fair.  You pick the type fairs, or events that you want to do.  We've attended over 1,000 events while traveling through eight states.  We've had the booth at numerous County Fairs, State Fairs, motorcycle or car/truck races, Regional Festivals, Arts/Crafts/Wine Fairs, religious church fairs and festivals, etc.  Funding
for travel, event costs, and other expenses can be raised in the form of donations.  Our signature "fund raiser" is the "Striker Giraffe Children's Game".  At a four day County Fair between one thousand and fifteen hundred children come to our both to "Ring the Bell on Geraldine the Child Abduction Prevention Giraffe".  Ring the bell loud and remember to be safe and watch for missing children.  Flyers featuring 150 missing children are displayed prominently on the MAC SHACK booth, professional made sign-age with the FOCUS/3-CHILDREN Organization logo is provided for display.  Binders filled with flyers of other missing persons and extra flyers are available for others to take for posting.  All available as part of our charitable goodwill mission:  to maximize the potential to find & locate a missing person, no matter what their age or how long they've been missing, a lot of families in this country have been searching for five, ten, fifteen, tears and
more trying to find their missing child.  If you want to help with volunteer work contact our volunteer staff on this web site, or contact 1-888-704-7966 (pin no 4672 at the prompt), and we will help get you started. 


*** Everything that's suppose to be done is being done...
Unfortunately, not everything that's suppose to be done, on the national level, managed by the Federal Government "Centers", "Offices", and "Agencies" with Federal employees, is not being done.  One study, done by
volunteers, and by the F.O.C.U.S. Organization Board of Directors (the Board of Directors includes several families with a missing child), discovered less than one percent of the Post Offices (in the study involving 2,500 Post Offices) actually comply with the written instructions involving the display of the missing child Postal Notices printed by the NCMEC quarterly, for display in the Post Offices for viewing by the general public in the "box" lobby of the Post Office open 24/7, and missing children notices displayed in the workroom floor area for viewing by Postal Carriers before and after their route.  On behalf of the families of the missing, Finding Our Children Under Stress (F.O.C.U.S.)/"3-CHILDREN Organization, would appreciate knowing why our missing children's flyers and notices are not being displayed, according to the written instructions for this Federal Program, including all missing persons photo id's pictured in several large zip code
size binders.  Plus, why aren't you managing the already established Federal Programs at the level of efficiency they were originally intended to accomplish? 

    Federal funded studies resulted in the recommendations that certain education, regarding child abduction and exploitation prevention, needed to be taught.  And, Programs needed to be established in order to efficiently search for long term missing children, missing persons.  Programs also were developed, with written instructions describing the proper management of the Program, for promoting education about the "BE SMART - STAY SAFE - KNOW THE RULES CAMPAIGN" (which is supported by the Congressional Caucus on Missing & Exploited Children)...
The Four Rules of the Know the Rules Campaign:
  1.  Never go alone - consciously plan ahead to take a friend.
  2.  Always tell an adult where you are going (and when you get there).
  3.  Say "NO" if you feel threatened and tell an adult you trust.
  4.  Avoid situations or places that make you feel uncomfortable and     
The Federal Government does not teach these rules at the level of efficiency they were intended and instructed to be taught.

F.O.C.U.S./"3-CHILDREN" Organization has been combining copies of the "Four Rules" with our missing children flyer distribution for years.