"3-Children"/Focus Organization




 Shown below are the "MISSING CHILDREN DISPLAY TOWERS", which are part of a new F.O.C.U.S./"3-CHILDREN" Organization help find and help prevent missing children Program.  This Program was created and developed by Ralph Williams (one of the many volunteers of our charity).  Each "Display Tower" contains eight to twelve pages (double sided) containing either an individual photo flyer of a missing child, a multiple photo flyer of several missing children, and a page with the "4 RULES" of the "KNOW THE RULES CAMPAIGN".  Our charity has made arrangements to have these "MISSING CHILDREN DISPLAY TOWERS" placed in high foot traffic business establishments throughout the country.  

If you own a business, or can arrange to have one of our DISPLAY TOWERS displayed in a high foot traffic location, please contact us so we can arrange to send you one of these.

Each MISSING CHILDREN DISPLAY TOWER costs us $10.00 to complete.  If you are interested in donating to our charity, specifically for this Program and/or any of our Programs, please see our "CONTACT INFORMATION" page.  One hundred percent (100%) of all donations to our charity go directly into our help find and help prevent missing children Programs, and are 100% tax deductible for you.  Our charity is public supported (we receive no funding from any government source) and our charity is completely volunteer operated (no one on the Board of Directors or any of our other volunteers receive any type salary or wage).