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  Public Appeal For Help - Posted on QRZ Amateur Radio Forum

FROM:  The son of Silent Key W6NBD

To:           QRZ Amateur Radio Web Site Forum Web Site (12/07/08 - 05:54 PM) -qrz.com

Yesterday I posted a couple of "Threads" in this "Question & Answer" section and I see today (12/08/08) quite a few people took the time to view what I wrote, and I thank-you.  Several of you viewed our FOCUS/"3-CHILDREN" Organization charity web site ( www.threechildrenfocus.org ), and sent me private messages, which is greatly appreciated.  Our charity is a completely volunteer charity, no one on the Board of Directors or any of the volunteers are paid a wage or salary - 100% of all public supported donations go directly into the Programs we've developed to help find and prevent missing children.  We receive no funding from any government sources.  However, we've modeled many of our programs after active national, annually funded, Programs managed by federal agencies.  One of these Programs requires (by directive of a Presidential Memorandum) that "every building owned or controlled by the federal government maintain a display area for the public to view and post missing person notices".  This federal Program is called the NALC/USPS CHILD ALERT PROGRAM.  The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and the National Association of Letter Carriers and the United States Postal Service are suppose to work in partnership, and are responsible for the management and coordination of this National Program.  After numerous federal funded studies the NALC/USPS PROGRAM was created and developed to maximize the potential for finding missing children.  Because the FOCUS/"3-CHILDREN" Organization charity models our MAC SHACK PROGRAM after the federal Program, I've personally been into 2,572 Post Offices, while traveling thru seven western states, over the past several years.  What I've discovered, is only six Post Offices (out of the 2,572 that I've been into) had any type missing person display "in the 'box' lobby area of the Post Office", as the 1/19/96 Presidential Memorandum directs and as the written instructions for the NALC/USPS CHILD ALERT PROGRAM describe.  And, only two of those six Post Offices had the most current updated missing children notices that are printed monthly by the NCMEC; however, those two Post Offices prove part of the federal Program is being done- the missing child notices are being printed monthly by the NCMEC, and they are being emailed to the regional Postal Directors.  Apparently, the Postal Regional directors are not printing up the missing children Postal Notices, as they are suppose to, and providing them to each Post Office in their district.  A simple inner office communication fix within these federal government agencies would fix the problem, and the federal Program would then operate at the level of efficiency it was originally intended and as it is annually funded to accomplish.  Then the maximum potential for finding missing children would be accomplished, the already efficient Amber Alert Program would be even more improved and efficient, and in our opinion a lot of missing persons in this country, and worldwide would be found.

FOCUS/"3-CHILDREN" Organization puts together a 3-Ring Binder, containing 15 double sided pages of missing person flyers (inside plastic sheet protectors), representing between 100 to 200 missing persons (out of the over 100,000 long-term missing persons currently recorded in the NCIS missing persons files).  We've left these binders in the 2,572 Post Offices we've stopped (in every town we've traveled thru in eight western states); plus, we've also left our missing person binders in National Park Visitor Centers, Federal Fish Hatchery Visitor Centers, National Forest Visitor Centers, Federal Courthouses, and Federal Custom Houses (over 2,600 buildings owned or controlled by the federal government).  Less than 1% of these federal buildings have any display of missing person notices displayed other than the ones we leave; furthermore, our charity has been traveling back to these locations annually, for the past sixteen (16) years, and replacing the binders with newly missing person flyers and updating the long term missing person flyers (stamping those flyers of children who have been found:  "LOCATED" if they were found alive, and "RECOVERED" if their remains were found - same system used by "SEARCH & RESCUE" after a catastrophic disaster.  The NCMEC records all found missing children "RECOVERED",  whether they were found alive or otherwise.

We need your help.  My father, silent key W6NBD, devoted a great deal of his life helping with the civilian defense of this country.  He received many commendations for his work in local civilian defense.  He also received a commendation award from the state of Alaska, for coordinating and managing the 1994 "SIMULATED ALASKAN CATASTROPHIC DISASTER RADIO RELAY SYSTEM" (which is now the model used by amateur radio for catastrophic disasters worldwide), he was a life time member of the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), on his behalf I ask your help by going to your local Post Office and looking around the "box" lobby area and seeing if they have any type missing child display of notices or missing person flyers.  After you've done that please contact our charity by "Private Message" on the QRZ.com Forum site, or by going to our charity web site ( www.threechildrenfocus.org ) click onto the Guest Book page, and let us know the name of the Post Office, the zip code, and what you discovered - was there any missing person flyers on display or not.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Another thing you can do to help is contact your local federal elected politicians in Congress or the Senate and ask them to please help "fix" the NALC/USPS CHILD ALERT PROGRAM  so it operates at the level of efficiency it is intended and funded.

On our charities web site be sure to check out the page titled "MAC SHACK VAN", it contains a tribute to silent key W6NBD - the "MAC SHACK VAN" and the "MAC SHACK PROGRAM" have been dedicated, by this charity, in his honor.  The Board of Directors of this charity are made up of family members from throughout this country who have a missing child.

We thank-you for your support